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The “Beach Buggy”


Lifted Golf Carts | Lifted Golf Carts For Sale | Used Lifted Golf Carts

The “Beach Buggy 2+2”


What are Lifted Golf Carts?  Simply put, it can be new or used and either a gas or an electric powered golf cart.  They usually have a 3” to 8” Lift Kit that has been installed along with off-road tires and wheels with an aggressive tread pattern to match the terrain on which you intend to use your Lifted Golf Cart.

Lifted Golf Carts | Used Lifted Golf Carts | Lifted Golf Carts For Sale

If you already own a used golf cart you can easily install most lift kit packages yourself with only basic mechanical skills.  If you are not comfortable installing it or just don’t have the time most of the golf carts dealers in your area hve a service department that can do this conversion for you.

Lifted Golf Carts offer its owners many different uses.  Though they tend to owned by individuals most of the time, but businesses are quickly learning about the benefits one of these Lifted Golf Carts has to offer.  . If you’ve spent any time at the beach recently you’ve probably seen several lifted golf carts with rear seats carrying groups of people having lots of fun.

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Sport Shooters have enjoyed the benefits of electric powered carts for years.  When properly equipped with a rear seat kit, front mounted clays/ammo basket, front brush guard and floor mounted gun racks this cart is ideally suited for the weekend shooter or professionals alike.

Many hunters prefer a stealthy approach when entering the woods or an open field where they plan their days hunt and for them the only choice is an electric powered Lifted Golf Cart  sometimes referred  to as a Hunting Buggy.  The E-Z GO Clays Car is an excellent example of a commercially built version available with either a gas or electric powertrain.

Lifted Golf Carts | Custom Lifted Golf Carts | E-Z GO ST Sport 2+2

Lifted Golf Carts For Sale

If your game is golf then you should be looking for used golf carts for sale.  BUT, if you and your family are looking for fun and tend to find your entertainment off the beat path, then do yourself a favor and take a closer look at Lifted Golf Carts For Sale at your local dealers.

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